All the Arkleton Awards

Recipient Yearsort ascending Award Type Scope of Award Case Study
Preeti Mann 2003 David Moore Award Identity changes due to displacement: a case study of The Gonds in the Singrauli region of Central India.
Anne I Blanchard 2002 Bernard Conyers Award To provide information on the environment, resources, native species etc. via the internet. (Armenia)
Era Fiyantiningrum ReaD 2002 Bernard Conyers Award To produce, film and distribute a 30 minute video entitled "Peasants Sovereignty on Water Resources". The object is to provide an alternative media for NGOs and grassroots personnel. (Indonesia)
Mr Kshitij Joshi 2002 Bernard Conyers Award To develop an interactive CD ROM comprising of real life stories highlighting concerns, ideas, opinions and solutions by disadvantaged youth from seven countries of Asia and Africa. (Sri Lanka)
Mr Josiah Omotto 2002 Bernard Conyers Award To produce and disseminate a video in close collaboration with the community and project partners, showing the successes, challenges and lessons learnt by the Maasai Integrated Shelter Programme. (Kenya)
Hatherleigh Project 2002 John Higgs Award Contribution
Thomas Yarrow 2002 David Moore Award To trace the manner in which information is relayed, extended, reduced, translated and modified as it flows through an international organisation and across rural policies. Initially visit Ghana.
Eric Févre 2001 David Moore Award To map the distribution of sleeping sickness cases in Soroti to identify the most probable point source of the outbreak and to quantify the prevalence of infection in the cattle population
Norfolk Rural Life Museum 2001 John Higgs Award Having formed a partnership with The Village Museum in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, this award is to enable the parties to work together on various projects
Ruth Marsden 2001 David Moore Award To explore development agencies from the outside in: the fieldwork will take place in Nepal and she will try to find out how a rural community in Far Western Nepal view social change in their community.