2018 Awards Now Open for Applications

Update 26th May 2018 – Applications are now closed for our 2018 Awards.

The Trust is keen to support, through funding, rural practitioners exchanging practical knowledge between developing countries.

In order to support such initiatives, the Trust wishes to facilitate learning and rural development particularly in Africa, and will, therefore, give priority to applications that originate in Africa and / or between African projects and other partners across the world.

The Trust would welcome projects that demonstrate how rural development practitioners and other actors in the rural development field are involved and the potential benefits to them all. We recognise that projects may wish to partner with universities and governments but our funding will only be made available to support the core project and not government or inter university exchange elements.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but will be considered by trustees at six-monthly intervals in May / June and September / October.

The Trust has only limited funds available, therefore, in order to maximise our reach and maintain fairness to other applicants we wish to be considered as the funder of last resort and so it is not expected that the Trust would be the main contributor. We will seek to fund no more than 50% in any one application but definitely no more than £5000. The Trust will be looking for applications that demonstrate robust partnership and funding commitment from others.

Deadline for applications is 25th May 2018.

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