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Arkleton’s Focus

The focus of the Arkleton Trust is to enable local organisations and supporters of all peoples living and making their livelihood on the wilderness margins to build networks and share learning in ways that help them address poverty now, and create new environmental, cultural and economic opportunities for future generations.

2019 Invitation to Apply: Voices from the Margins

Expressions of interest are invited from organisations or institutions whose aim is to support marginalised indigenous groups from rural areas looking to self-organise in order to leverage greater sovereignty and control over their lives, and livelihood opportunities. Examples include, but are not limited to, the means of exerting control over natural resources, conditions for migrant workers, value chains, and/or means of mitigating food and energy poverty.

Arkleton will prioritise organisations and institutions wishing to support the creation of listening spaces, networks, exchange opportunities and seminars for rural indigenous groups wishing to share knowledge, agree common strategies and/or identify and support change leaders particularly on natural resource issues.

Who is eligible for Arkleton support?

Arkleton will support innovative start-ups, niche organisations, practitioner or research groups, associations or partnerships demonstrating clear links to their indigenous partners.

What is Arkleton’s funding model?

Arkleton will typically prioritise support for a 4-year change process providing approximately GBP10-12K per year over a 3 year period to support listening spaces, networks, exchange opportunities and seminars for indigenous groups (30-35K)

Arkleton will build further support around the agenda by investing an additional GBP3-5K p.a. for amplification activities that leverage wider engagements from partners and influencers, capture learning through case studies and visits, and promote knowledge exchange through social media and/or the provision of bandwidth (online communications resources) to local groups.

A final seminar will be held and funded by Arkleton Trust in the 4th year to draw together a range of different parties to explore findings, learn from what did and didn’t work, capture and communicate this learning to other groups, and identify themes for future support.

How do you apply?

Arkleton want the funding process to be light touch. We will ask interested parties to complete a simple expression of interest and email it to by 20 August 2019.  Those organisations which are short listed will be asked to provide some further information by August 31st, 2019.  Arkleton trustees will follow-up with short-listed groups to build common understanding and agree the work plan and funding arrangement.

For more information on policies that guide what we will fund please download our Funding Guidelines.


View a full list of previous Arkleton Trust Awards here

In the past The Arkleton Trust has had three types of awards – The Arkleton Trust Awards, the Bernard Conyers Awards and the David Moore Awards. The David Moore Award is currently not open for applications and the Bernard Conyers funds are now being directed into the Arkleton Trust Awards. The Arkleton Trust Awards are the only awards currently open.



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