Recognised for promoting the value of knowledge sharing, the Seminars that the Arkleton Trust hosts bring together people from all over the world with rural concerns to discuss and exchange views. We meet as individuals, sharing a common concern, so the seminar takes the form of a round table debate under Chatham House rules.

Prior to a Seminar the Trust prepares a paper, which reflects upon major issues recently raised, and what they mean, provided by our fellows, awardees and trustees. Furthermore, at the seminar the Trust is interested in hearing the views of the invitees (not their organisations), bringing together the participants to discuss commonalities in opportunities and challenges in their rural communities and discuss common thematic issues.  As with all Arkleton Seminars there will be external invitees to participate with a view to transferring the lessons from the grassroots level to the academic and policy arenas.  This offers a valuable opportunity to policy makers and academics to hear first hand from rural practitioners.

Rural Resilience and Insecurity

24th April - 1st May 2017

  The seminar, hosted at Sandele Eco Retreat and Learning Centre in The Gambia (, was split into two parts. Arkleton Trust hosted the first three days. An issues paper had been prepared in advance formed from information provided by the awardees who had been involved in recent exchange trips.  The issues paper reflected upon…

Rural Development in an Age of Austerity

2012 - Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill


Community Adaptation to Climate Change

2010 - Julia Gottwald, Franziska Mannke, Hayato Kobyashi, Carol Kambites, Hilda Zara


A cross civilisation dialogue of the effects of climatic change on rural communities – how can we dance together again?

2007 - Rhona Barr, Christopher Madine


Communities – Potential champions of their own destinies?

2002 - Malcolm Moseley


“Working with Rural Communities and with Bureaucracies”

2001 - Rhys Evans


Rural Development and the WTO Trade Talks

1998 - Luka Juvancic, John Bryden


Towards an Integrated Rural Policy for the UK

1997 - John Bryden


Implications of the Information Highway for Rural Development and Education

1995 - John Bryden, Tony Fuller, Frank Rennie


Rural Poverty and Deprivation in Europe – From Analysis to Action

1990 - Dr James Hunter


Supporting and Animating Community-based Rural Development in Europe – Some lessons for Scotland?



Partners for Welfare – examined the role which churches and clergy could play in rural development and rural communities’ expectations of their churches

1988 - James Barnett


New Technology and Rural Development

1986 - John Bryden, Tony Fuller


Part-Time Farming in the Rural Development of Industrialised Countries

1983 - Keith Abercrombie


Institutional Approaches to Rural Development in Europe



Can Education Change Rural Fortunes? A seminar on Education The Farmer and Rural Change



Disadvantaged Rural Europe – development issues and approaches

1979 - David Moore


Educating for the Year 2000 – Agricultural Education and Training in the European Community

1978 - David Moore


Rural community strategies for managing the economic and social impacts of climate change


Seminar Report 2007

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