Livelihood analysis and diversification for ARCAB project

2012 Terry Cannon

This paper was produced as an output from the John Higgs Award given to Terry Cannon in 2012.

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Creative Entrepreneurs – An approach to rural business in Shetland

2012 Andy Ross

This report was prepared as a result of an award made as an Arkleton Trust Fellowship in 2012, it was also given as a paper at the Arkleton Trust seminar in 2012. This report explores why art and creativity are important to the future economic social development of rural and remote communities.

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Sustaining Rural Communities in their own Place


This report was prepared following the 2012 Arkleton Trust Fellowship award and submitted to the 2012 Arkleton Trust Seminar by Amanda Bryan and Monica Oprean.   The report examines the relationship between community resiliance, community engagement, participation and the active and productive management of forests and woodlands in Scotland and Romania.

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Building resilient institutional infrastructure for development in remote rural areas

2012 Jane Atterton & Kendra Turnbull

This report was prepared following the 2012 Arkleton Trust Fellowship It looks at the communities of Glendale in North Northumberland and Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway. Both communities saw development initiatives set up in the mid 1990’s although for different reasons. Both communities are perceived as peripheral in their regional contexts and choosing communities in…

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Arkleton Lecture 2001

2001 Professor B S Baviskar

NGOs and Civil Society in India

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Abernethy Forest – Its People & Its Past

1995 Elspeth Grant

An historical account of the forest describing its ownership by the Lairds of Grants and management since the 17th century. The booklet identifies many interesting features and sites of former industrial activity with the use of photographs and a professionally prepared map. Not available online.

Towards Sustainable Rural Communities

1994 John Bryden

Book consisting of edited papers from a series of Seminars organised by John Bryden whilst Winegard Visiting Professor at the University of Guelph. The book takes a much broader view of the subject of `sustainability’ than is usual and presents an eclectic combination of topics, ideas and perspectives. Printed in English and French. Not available online.

Farm Family Pluriactivity in Europe

1992 Andre H Brun, Anthony M Fuller

Original data charts and maps from the Arkleton Trust’s research programme on farm structures and household pluriactivity in Europe. Not available online.

Proceedings of the Freyung-Grafenau Colloquium

1990 Various

A report on the 2nd Review Meeting of the Research Programme on Farm Structures and Pluriactivity – Rural Change in Europe – held at Waldkirchen, Freyung-Grafenau, Germany on 18th – 21st September 1988. Theme: Structural Policies and Multiple Job Holding in the Rural Development Process. Not available online.

Europe 1993: Implications for Rural Areas Seminar Papers

1990 Michael Tracy

This document includes the research papers on rural policy issues in Western Europe and North America presented at the Arkleton/Aspen Institute/ARRG Europe-North America Exchange Programme Seminar held in March 1990. Not available online.

Farmers and Politics in France

1990 Michael Tracy (Editor), Hélène Delorme, Pierre Coulomb, Bertrand Hervieu, Philippe Lacombe, Marcel Jollivet

Translation of a publication in 1990 entitled “Les agriculteurs et la politique” by Presses de la Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (Paris). The translated papers result from a conference of the most eminent French agricultural economists and political scientists.

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Arkleton Lecture 1990

1990 Brian McLaughlin

Popular Images and the Reality of Deprivation in Rural Areas

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Rural Training Network Feasibility Study

1989 M Johnstone

An investigation of the feasibility of establishing Rural Training Networks in Buchan and north west Sutherland in Scotland. Not available online.

Rural Change in Europe: Research Programme on Farm Structures and Pluriactivity

1989 John Bryden et al.

An appraisal of the factors which influence the evolution of Agricultural structures in the community and contribute to the efficiency of the Common Agricultural Policy at the Regional and Farm level. The First report for the Commission of the European Communities on Structural Change and the Use made of Structures Policies by Farm Households in the European Community. Not available online.

Factors in the Design of Community-based Rural Development Initiatives in Europe

1989 Chris Hawker, Niall MacKinnon

A report written with John Bryden, May Johnstone and Alison Parkes. Published March 1989. Some lessons from European experience of locally-based development interventions aimed at stimulating economic regeneration in peripheral rural areas. Research programme sponsored by the Scottish Development Agency. Not available online.

Theory Task Group Report


Report of the Theory Task group set up to study rural change in Europe: Research programme on farm structures and pluriactivity. Not available online.

Proceedings of the Braemar Colloquium

1989 Various

Collection of papers presented at the Second Review Meeting of Research Programme on Farm Structures and Pluriactivity held in Braemar, Scotland, from 16th to 20th July 1989. Not available online.

The Importance of Working Animals in China

1989 Paul Tibbs

Report of a fellowship study in the People’s Republic of China carried out in autumn 1987. Not available online.

Training for Rural Scotland

1988 A Parkes

A summary report for the more detailed full report “Rural Training Needs in Scotland” by J. Bryden, M. Davies, S. Macaulay and M. Johnstone arising from a local development project run by the Arkleton Trust in association with the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland

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Pluriactivity as a Rural Development Option

1988 John Bryden, Anthony M Fuller

A Summary Report of the more detailed full report “Rural Training Needs in Scotland” and a Strategy for Action

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Farm Forestry

1988 Peter J Swain

A study of aspects of farm forestry in New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and California. The Arkleton Trust in association with ADAS/WOAS

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Arkleton Lecture 1988

1988 Right Reverend Michael Hare Duke

Is God a Countryman?

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Emergent Issues in Theories of Agrarian Development

1987 Professor Howard Newby   

A perspective of the theoretical issues which bear upon contemporary debates concerning the sociology of agriculture – by Professor Howard Newby – Director of the ESRC Data Archive and Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex  

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Approaches to Integrating Rural Development in Europe

1987 Christopher Finch

Fellowship report on work in different parts of Europe studying how agriculture and agricultural policies can be integrated with other social and economic aspects of rural development in less favoured areas

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Structural Policy under the CAP

1987 Professor Michael Tracy

A Research Report arising from the 1983 Arkleton Trust Seminar on part-time farming in the rural development of industrialised countries. One of an “Occasional Paper Series” from the Farm Structures and Pluriactivity Reseach Programme”. Provides an overview of the current policy context and debates. Vital reading for those concerned with likely development in CAP structural…

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Popular Education for Change

1987 Dr Frank Rennie

Fellowship report on a study of a visit to the Highlander Research and Education Centre

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Proceedings of the Montpellier Colloquium

1987 Research in association with INRA and IAMM

Proceedings of the Montpellier Colloquium held on 6th – 10th July 1987. Part of the Research Programme on Farm Structures and Pluriactivity – Rural Change in Europe. Not available online.

The Institutional Basis of Rural Development

1986 Bruce Mason

A comparative study of Lozere in South Central France and Grampian in North East Scotland

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Arkleton Lecture 1986

1986 Professor John B Black

Reducing Isolation: Telecommunications and Rural Development

PDF Download

Effective Training for Family and Part-Time Farmers

1985 David Birkbeck

Fellowship report with fieldwork undertaken in Scotland, Wales, Norway, Bavaria and Southern France

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Agriculture and Nature Conservation in Conflict

1985 Malcolm Smith

Report on a study to determine which aspects of the UK government’s implementation of the Less Favoured Areas Directive are responsible for the agriculture/nature conservation conflict and to recommend changes aimed at retaining a predominantly agricultural land use in the uplands without further loss and degradation of its unique nature conservation interest

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Study of agricultural communication and extension in Lazio and Umbria in Italy

1984 Colin Fraser

Education Training and Rural Development Programme Report 1983

Central Italy - Information & Innovation

To Improve Spanish Farming without hurting Spanish Farmers

1984 Tom Gjelten

A report on agricultural development strategies in Spain

PDF Download

Lower Inputs and Alternatives in Agriculture

1984 Frank Raymond

Paper presented by Frank Raymond to the Future Issues in Rural Development seminar held in 1984. Not available online.

Servol and its Education and Community Development Programmes in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies – An Observation

1983 Sister Angela Morrison

Arkleton Trust Fellowship Report 1982

An Observation - Serval

Education Training and Rural Development Programme Report 1983

1983 John Bryden, Patrick Commins, Elena Saraceno

Education Training and Rural Development Programme Report 1983

Education Training and Rural Development Report

Arkleton Lecture 1983

1983 James Shaw Grant

The Part-Time Holding – an Island Experience

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Development Institutions and Approaches in Three Rural Areas of the UK. Report of the 1982 Arkleton Trust study tour of Mid-Wales and the Western Isles and the Grampian region of Scotland. Impressions by Fellows from the Third World on British rural development approaches.

1982 B S Baviskar

Arkleton Trust Study Tour 1982 Report

Arkleton Lecture 1982

1982 Michael Tracy

People and Policies in Rural Development – Institutional Problems in the Formulation and Implementation of Rural Development Policies in the European Community. Not available online.

Schemes of Assistance to Farmers in Less Favoured Areas of the EEC

1982 John Bryden

A report to the Highlands and Islands Development Board. Not available online.

Co-operative and Community Economic Development in Rural Canada

1981 Roger Clarke

PDF Download

Arkleton Lecture 1980

1980 John G Morris

Small is Beautiful in Education Too.

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Rural Development in the Western Isles of Scotland

1980 Keith Abercrombie

Lewis & Harris Study Tour Report 1980

Study Tour Report

Arkleton Lecture 1979

1979 Professor J M M Cunningham

The Agricultural Potential of Marginal Areas.

PDF Download

Rural Production Cooperatives in Southern Italy


Rural Production Cooperatives in Southern Italy

Arkleton Lecture 1978

1978 Professor Sir Kenneth Alexander

The Work of the Highlands and Islands Development Board with particular reference to the role of Education and Training.

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