Kumi Happy Home, Kumi, Teso, Uganda

A Sector 39 Permaculture Academy site

The Happy Home Centre was founded and run by a Korean charity who would like to devolve the management of the centre and the grounds to the local community. The centre was set up to run similar programmes so they have an established and experienced volunteer team in place.

There is just under 1 acre of land available, it surrounds the building and is ideal to facilitate what Sector 39 hope to achieve there. The key aims for the site are as follows:

  1. An active self-managed training centre to demonstrate and train the community in permaculture principles
  2. The integration of a permaculture system that will help in meeting the centre’s needs for drinking water, improved sanitation, fuel for cooking, and food for an organic growing system, including small livestock
  3. Develop a nursery that will provide plants and produce for the local community
  4. A site suitable for a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) as part of Sector 39’s Permaculture Academy

The centre itself is in great condition and well suited for hosting our PDC’s, it comprises a series of buildings, a training room, a library and a computer room. There is a outdoor kitchen, food store and washrooms.

Individuals involved:

Steve Jagger
Steve is colleague from Wales who has been advising and supporting Kumi Technical College for some time. Steve has participated in two of Sector 39’s PDCs. Fortunately for this project, Steve has plans to relocate to the Kumi area.

Hellen Auyo, Godfrey Opolot and Joseph Opolot
All graduates from Sector 39 PDCs and local to the area. They have initiated several projects since their training, both to small scale farmers who have since become self-sufficient, and to small organisations, such as a local high school that has implemented water harvesting, a range of tree crops and other initiatives.

It is anticipated that the site will host a PDC in September 2020.

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