Sulyman the Electrician – Pre and post the BE REEL workshop

Sulyman is an electrician who also has a shop selling electrical parts (sockets, wire etc).

Pre Training

Before the training Sulyman had completed his electrical training and had a shop close to the turntable in Gunjur. The shop had very few items in it for sale and he did not have regular customers for his electrical services.

Response about his levels of confidence at the end of the training:

– “Really I feel more and more confident about my business idea despite all the difference and so happy about the training workshop of microbusiness training, that increase my levels of understanding towards my business.”

Follow up Interview 2 months post training:

Sulyman reflected about the training as having helped him a lot. Since the training he had done some advertising, looked at customer satisfaction, and said that “honesty [a central principle which he attributes to the programme] has gained me extra contracts” for example, he has created a price list that is displayed in the shop “so that my customers can see I am open and transparent – everyone is charged the same.”. The importance of the values reinforces our previous research and the underlying pedagogy. He also takes cards to sites and works on positive customer relations when people visit his shop. He has opened a business bank account. He has also started to put together a portfolio for marketing including his certificates, references, and pictures of his previous work. He has currently got two contracts for wiring new builds.

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