Arkleton Trust Seminars

The Arkleton Trust organises seminars on rural development. All participants who are invited, attend in their own right to share their views. It has been a tradition of all Arkleton meetings and seminars that we do not attribute anything said to a particular speaker. We meet as individuals, sharing a common concern so the seminar takes the form of a round table debate under Chatham House rules and are designed to be the launching pad for the presentation of the findings of research programme which we have funded in the previous year.

The Trust usually prepares an issues paper before the seminar which is formed around the information provided by the fellows / awardees who have been working towards this occasion.  The issues paper usually reflects upon the major issues raised and what they mean.  Furthermore, at the seminar the Trust is interested in hearing the views of the invitees (not their organisations) and it is intended to be an interactive seminar not a forum for presenting papers.

Past Seminars:

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