All the Arkleton Awards

Recipient Yearsort descending Award Type Scope of Award Case Study
Dr John Bryden 1979 Arkleton Trust Fellowship A Study comparing work and experience of regional development agencies in France, Italy and Scotland
Ann Meadows 1980 Arkleton Trust Fellowship A study of rural community development in Australia
Ian Wight 1981 Arkleton Trust Fellowship Study to examine the value and inter-relationships of 'official' and 'opposition' development initiatives as evidence in cases drawn from Celtic fringe
Sister Angela Morrison 1981 Arkleton Trust Fellowship Study on methodology and processes used by community development organisation known as Servol in Trinidad
Dr Ivor Brown 1981 Arkleton Trust Fellowship To carry out a study on economic effects or value and the environmental consequences of the operation of small mines, quarries and other similar commercial operations in rural communities
Lewis Stewart 1983 Arkleton Trust Fellowship To carry out a study of modern technology and the family worked farm in Norway, Sweden and Denmark
Malcolm Smith 1984 Arkleton Trust Fellowship Agriculture and Nature Conservation in Conflict. A study to determine which aspects of the implementation of the Less Favoured Areas Directive by the UK Government are responsible for the agriculture/nature conservation conflict and to recommend changes aimed at retaining a predominantly agricultural land use in the uplands without further loss and degradation of its unique nature conservation interest.
Pamela Glider 1984 Arkleton Trust Fellowship
Tor Justad 1984 Arkleton Trust Fellowship
Frank Rennie 1985 Arkleton Trust Fellowship Popular Education for Change: A visit in April/May 1986 to The Highlander Research and Education Center, Tennessee, USA