All the Arkleton Awards

Recipient Yearsort ascending Award Type Scope of Award Case Study
Charles Howie 1999 John Higgs Award To study salt tolerance in rice plants in the Far East Rural development in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Reading University 1999 John Higgs Award Rehousing of Rural History Centre
The American Agricultural Economics Association Foundation 1999 John Higgs Award Towards setting up a fund in the name of Philip M Raup
Corinna Csaky 1999 David Moore Award To investigate the often 'unworkable' rural home life which forces so many children in Ecuador onto the urban streets. She is also planning to study how the existing urban street children cope with this migration.
Stephen Wright 1999 John Higgs Award Gloucestershire Rural Communities Council Japan Study Tour
Benjamin Powis 1999 David Moore Award To examine the obstacles that arise from including the poor and disenfranchised into the rural development discourse - as a result of India's programme of decentralised planning.
Kimanzi Muthengi 1999 Bernard Conyers Award To produce a video entitled 'Lessons and challenges of the PRA methodology in the Third World: The Kenyan experience'
Emma Wossknow 1999 David Moore Award To look at the relationship between children's education and labour in the Sindhuli district of Nepal
Oyundari Gaisandorj 1999 Bernard Conyers Award To publish a Mongolian translation of R Emil Newman's book called the complete handbook on health and tips - the first translation of any Mongolian book
Badrul Alam 1999 Bernard Conyers Award To publish a book entitled 'Medicinal plants for livestock and poultry in disaster prone areas'. The book has been published in both Bangla and English