All the Arkleton Awards

Recipient Yearsort ascending Award Type Scope of Award Case Study
Kayode Olumide Egbeleye 1998 Bernard Conyers Award To produce a multi-media package entitled Hands on the Deck geared towards the information / skills transfer needs of field workers etc.
U Aanbarusu 1998 Bernard Conyers Award To produce a film on organic compost production using locally available resource and material
Rev Canon Zedekiah Otsulah Chunge 1998 Bernard Conyers Award To disseminate existing data to farmers to encourage / enable them to supplement their cane growing with increased food production - by intercropping with short term food / fodder crops
Oxfordshire Rural Education Initiative 1998 John Higgs Award To help to bridge the gap between the vast amount of information on agriculture which is available for educational purposes but which has failed to ensure that farming features within the curriculum for many school children
Citizens Advice Bureau 1998 John Higgs Award To enable the Mid-Devon Citizens Advice Bureau in Tiverton to train volunteers for their mobile CAB 'Surgery' which plans to visit local health and community centres
Julia Betts 1998 David Moore Award How the use of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques in the planning and implementation of adult literacy projects affects women's impetus for socio-economic development in the community. Based in El Salvador
Oxfordshire Rural Community Council 1998 John Higgs Award Oxfordshire Rural Volunteer Award
Sebastion Taylor 1998 David Moore Award Studying development aid agencies and how they work with aid beneficiaries in the developing world. Concentrating on the work of a UK charity (Mines Advisory Group), looking at its work with local village communities in the clearance of unexploded ordnance, as well as rural development, in South-East Asia, amongst the villages of Xieng Khouang Province, Laos
Rural Stress Information Network 1998 John Higgs Award Set up a database
Wendy Carter 1997 David Moore Award Project as a primary health care nurse in Zapallal (Peru)