All the Arkleton Awards

Recipient Yearsort ascending Award Type Scope of Award Case Study
Daniel D Adjokatcher 1997 Bernard Conyers Award To produce a documentary video on the alternative sustainable and cost-effective sources of energy available to people in rural areas and to show more efficient uses to which their energy resources could be put
Wendy Carter 1997 David Moore Award Project as a primary health care nurse in Zapallal (Peru)
East Anglian University 1997 John Higgs Award To carry out a Research project, a Study on the Future Landscapes in the West Oxfordshire Region
Mark Grindley 1997 David Moore Award Research to expand the limited knowledge of the conflicts within the Mount Elgon Park, between those that live there and those that visit
Action with Communities in rural England 1997 John Higgs Award Article in the Parliamentary Review: Capturing the Political High Ground
Oxfordshire Rural Community Council 1997 John Higgs Award Volunteering in Rural Oxon Conference
Countryside Movement 1996 John Higgs Award Contribution
Dr David Millar 1996 Bernard Conyers Award To set up a resource centre for indigenous knowledge in the north of Ghana
Gloucestershire Rural Community Council 1996 John Higgs Award
Dr Meenakshi Sundram 1996 Bernard Conyers Award He is working to raise awareness of Indian rural development issues in the UK and to share the experience with the beneficiaries of the work of INDEX in Tamil Nadu. He visited the UK during 1998