Bernard Conyers Award

During his life, Bernard Conyers saw a great lack of opportunity for less advantaged people to publish or disseminate their original work and on his death his daughter donated a sum of money to the Arkleton Trust to create a fund specifically to encourage the dissemination of information, findings or new ideas related to rural development practice.

Early Bernard Conyers awards gave priority to material relating to the Third World, the links between Europe and the Third World or the lessons which Europe can learn from the Third World experience. Currently the Bernard Conyers Funds are being used for the Arkleton Trust Fellowships.

Background Information to the Bernard Conyers Awards

Developments in the European and International arenas have heightened the need for The Arkleton Trust to enhance its activities to assist rural development in the poorer countries of Eastern and Central Europe and in the third world. In the last decade the Trust’s strategy was to focus on a selected number of key themes of international relevance and contemporary importance for rural peoples, especially the most vulnerable, and on specific niche areas within these themes. Each theme will have a minimum duration of two years in the first instance. The first theme which the Trust concentrated on was "Rural Community Strategies For Managing The Economic And Social Impacts Of Climate Change". The second set of fellowships were on the theme "How Rural Communities Adapt to Climate Change".  The third theme was "Doing Rural Development in the Economic Down Turn".  From 2013 the Trust is focusing its Fellowships on promoting exchange of learning through study trips by groups of practitioners (although the group could also include academics and policy makers if relevant).  The topic or theme of the study trip exchanges is open.  Particular interest is placed on learning in and from African nations.


Comments and Reflections From past Awardees

Lakshmi Murthy

Yearsort ascending Scope of the Award Case Study
Dr Oppiyo Mumma 1996 To disseminate information from three rural community initiatives (Komoli Women's Group, Nyamrewa Afa (Health) Group and Kadong Small Scale Farmers Co-operative) using drama / theatre methodology through workshops and to produce newsletters and videos from these
Zollamerica Ortega 1995 To publish the results of a three-year effort in peace-building and rural development entitled 'Reconciliation through education and participative community development in the Nicaraguan countryside
Lakshmi Murthy 1995 To design appropriate visuals for rural target groups to avoid misinterpretation within varying illiterate groups to provide effective communication: presentations, exhibitions and workshops were organised and a manual produced.
Bethel Business & Community Development Center 1994 The center is a rural education centre and the proposal was to produce a video followed up by a workshop to show the work they are undertaking
Alana Albee & Nandasiri Gamage 1994 To publish information about the Poor Women's Bank in Sri Lanka
Maria E Osses Adndrade 1994 To publish a Mapuche / Spanish illustrated dictionary
Dr Shahidul Alam 1994 Phase 1: To provide cameras and dark room facilities for children of migrant families to help them to try to understand the reasons for migration