David Moore Award

This fund was established, with contributions from family, friends and colleagues, in memory of the late David Moore.

David was the first Programme Director, as well as the first Secretary to the Trustees, of the Arkleton Trust. Prior to his untimely death in 1983 at the age of 41, he had devoted his career to work on rural development, first with Oxfam and the UK United Nations Association, and finally with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

With proceeds from the fund’s investments, an award is made to a young person engaged in the study of rural development and social change in Europeand/or the Third World. The award is intended to enable the recipient to supplement academic course work with some practical investigation or research in poor rural areas, leading to a report or dissertation.

Since the fund’s inception, more than 25 young people have received an award, which is now normally made biennially. Details of the Awardees are given below:

Yearsort ascending Scope of the Award Case Study
Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill 2012 Rapporteur at the Arkleton Trust Seminar 2012
Jessica Frank 2009 Framework Gambian National Strategy for Clean Energy Projects, Carbon Emissions Trading and Microfinance for the Benefit of the Rural Poor Alleviation of Poverty in the Gambia
Rhona Barr 2007 To research the potential for marine resource protection through environmental service markets - particularly the livelihoods of small fishermen in Mexico
Chris Madine 2007 This award was to commemorate the life of Arch Moore - David's father. Chris researched the socio-economic effect of ground level ozone on farming in the UK
Jennifer Fenn 2005 To research the value placed upon education in rural areas and the direct effect it is thought to have upon those receiving the education and the secondary effects it has upon their families and the wider community. In Mityana and Kampala.
Preeti Mann 2003 Identity changes due to displacement: a case study of The Gonds in the Singrauli region of Central India.
Thomas Yarrow 2002 To trace the manner in which information is relayed, extended, reduced, translated and modified as it flows through an international organisation and across rural policies. Initially visit Ghana.
Eric Févre 2001 To map the distribution of sleeping sickness cases in Soroti to identify the most probable point source of the outbreak and to quantify the prevalence of infection in the cattle population
Ruth Marsden 2001 To explore development agencies from the outside in: the fieldwork will take place in Nepal and she will try to find out how a rural community in Far Western Nepal view social change in their community.
Maria Denise Gropa 2001 To study the processes by which EU development programmes are understood and implemented in Cuba