David Moore Award

This fund was established, with contributions from family, friends and colleagues, in memory of the late David Moore.

David was the first Programme Director, as well as the first Secretary to the Trustees, of the Arkleton Trust. Prior to his untimely death in 1983 at the age of 41, he had devoted his career to work on rural development, first with Oxfam and the UK United Nations Association, and finally with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

With proceeds from the fund’s investments, an award is made to a young person engaged in the study of rural development and social change in Europeand/or the Third World. The award is intended to enable the recipient to supplement academic course work with some practical investigation or research in poor rural areas, leading to a report or dissertation.

Since the fund’s inception, more than 25 young people have received an award, which is now normally made biennially. Details of the Awardees are given below:

Yearsort descending Scope of the Award Case Study
Andrew Catley 1987 To take part in a project undertaking work on tick-borne diseases in Zambia
Minquan Liu 1988 To travel to China to finish gathering data for his dissertation on work incentives under the commune and new responsibility system in China
Sharon Truelove 1989 An assessment of the social and economic impact of the EEC's Agricultural Development Programme in the Scottish Islands
Julia Aglionby 1990 An assessment of different fishing techniques on the Isle of Kei Kecil (Indonesia)
Nicola Matthews 1991 Work in Nepal
Hanna Scrase 1992 Timber production in Brazil
Shona Wynd 1993 Carry out field research into family planning methods in Nigeria
Sarah Pocknell 1993 Rural development and social change in the Upper West region of Ghana
Joanna Attridge 1994 Undertake fieldwork on the concept of "guanxi" or connections in relation to the importance of kinship networks for China's future development
Lorna Williams 1995 Prepare a study programme and help in the transition towards a market economy in Romania (under the umbrella of Link Romania)