May 2008 Newsletter

After 28 years with the Arkleton Trust. John Bryden has announced his retirement as Programme Director. It was not easy to thank John adequately, he has a been a part of the Trust since a few years after its conception and for longer than anybody else; there have been so many research projects, gatherings formal and informal, meetings and seminars the latter often accompanied with a good dose of music and dancing. There is no way to sufficiently sum up and give justice to all the outstanding achievements that he has had with the Trust. We very much hope that John will keep in touch with us and wish him well for a well earned retirement.

Nicola Swan has been appointed Executive Officer as of May 2008. Caroline Higgs, Chairman, is reverting to the role of Chairman and doing less of the day to administration that she has done for the last three years.

Rhona Barr, a recipient of the 2007 David Moore award and co-rapporteur of the 2007 seminar report, “ A cross civilisation dialogue of the effects of climatic change on rural communities; how can we dance together again”, had her thesis selected as one of the top 5 MSc theses in Environmental Economics in an Environment Agency/WWF national competition.  She has been presented her award at an international conference in applied environmental economics and her work has now been submitted for journal publication.

Awards given so far in 2008:

John Higgs Award : A contribution towards Any Marsyanti of Yayasan Tandabaca to make a film entitled the “Social Transformation, the People’s Strategy in Dealing with Social Disaster”  the aftermath of the Java Earthquake which occurred on May 27th, 2006 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. This is a follow up film, the first “Tents for People” was made immediately after the quake. Filming is well on the way.

David Moore Award: There will not be an award made this year.

Bernard Conyers Award:  Following the meeting of Bunker Roy from the Barefoot College in India and Tero Mustonen from Snowchange in Finland at the Arkleton Seminar in 2007 a joint project is being funded to train women from Siberia to become solar engineers.