Arkleton Trust Seminar 2012

How to pursue rural development in the context of economic downturn

The Arkleton Trust Seminar will be held from November 18th - 22nd, 2012 chaired by Professor Mark Shucksmith OBE.  The subject of the seminar is "How to pursue rural development in the context of economic downturn".  It is to be held at Douneside House in Tarland, Aberdeenshire.  The John Higgs Memorial Lecture will be hosted on Monday 19th November during the seminar.  The lecture is being given by Richard Leafe, CEO of the Lakedistrict National Park Authority.  The title of the lecture is "Testing times for Rural Development in the Lake District National Park".  Although Richard is speaking about the Lake District, these issues are sure to be pertinent to other rural areas and we thought that you might be interested to hear how the National Park are still managing to make an impact, while coping with a reduced budget.

The lecture will explore the current issues with taking forward the vision for the Lake District National Park. The vision and partnership that delivers it shapes the way in which rural development takes place in the National Park. The aim for the Lake District National Park is to secure inspirational examples of Sustainable Development and Richard will present a range of examples of how this achieved including the governance arrangements that make it possible.  With significant reduction to its own budget, the National Park Authority also faces challenges in facilitating this vision. Richard will briefly share their approach to achieving a greater impact with fewer resources.

In addition to the lecture on Monday, there will also be a display community art and craft, made by locals who are helping themselves to achieve great things despite the economic downturn. Most of these locals are involved with ArtAboyne.