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This case study focuses on a study trip between Jatan Sansthan (Jatan) and the Southern Region Offices of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE).  Jatan is a grassroots Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.  Jatan work with the rural populations of the Rajsamand and Udaipur districts in Rajasthan.  The scope of their work covers health, education, employment and participation in democratic processes.  Their target demographic is youth and women.  FGAE is a volunteer-based, charitable organisation.   The scope of their work is to ensure access, choices and service provision of integrated, comprehensive, quality gender sensitive sexual and reproductive health programmes.   FGAE work with the underserved and vulnerable population, focusing on youth and women.


Kailash Brijwasi applied for a fellowship from Arkleton Trust to enable a study trip between the two organisations where FGAE visited Jatan in India and vice versa.

The trip to India happened first, followed later by the trip to Ethiopia.  This tells the story of the two visits from the eyes of the participants.


Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia Southern Area Office Team - In Jatan Offices on arrival

Jatan Team in FAGE offices on arrival - Coffee Ceremony (Photo T. Long)

In January 2014, the Ethiopian group had visited Udaipur, India.  In this second part of the study project, the Ethiopian group were hosts to the Jatan group who travelled to Hawassa, Ethiopia in February 2014. 

The objectives of the study trip between Jatan and FGAE were as follows:


  • Promoting exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills in the field based activities of the organisations. 
  • Understanding community health from perspectives of different countries, governance, societies and culture. 
  • Establish sustainable and long-term partnerships between the organisations. 
  • Understanding in depth ongoing community participatory model in field projects.
  • Identifying role of Institutions in community development work.
  • Identifying ways of government, community and civil society participation to bring about more extensive change.

The long-term objectives for Jatan and FGAE are to ensure that the learning from the trip is shared within both organisations beyond only those staff that attended, and where appropriate to incorporate those new and adapted processes and practices learnt from the study trips in the field operations.