Seminar 2010

Attendees at the Arkleton Seminar, October 2010


Rural Community Adaptation to Climate Change - A Mapping Process

Continuing to work within the theme of ‘Rural Community Adaptation to Climate Change’ following the previous seminar in 2007, competitive fellowships were offered to ascertain "the extent and scope of initiatives that are directly related to adaptation to climate change in rural areas".

The fellows looked at initiatives that specifically explored the links between adaptation to climate change and rural areas. The output from each fellow was to provide a basic summary documentation of the initiatives identified – location, owners/participants, aims, funders, and outputs etc., where possible short case studies of initiatives were also compiled. Each fellow also compiled a short issues paper.

The Fellowships were based on the following areas:

  • European continent
  • Australasia
  • America, Canada and South America
  • Asia
  • Africa

The fellows’ reports were completed in the form of case studies and broad information available on individual initiatives.  In addition they completed an issues paper highlighting commonalities and differences which they found across the region; possible lessons that can be learnt; an overview on whether the communities are actually making progress; whether they are being reactive or proactive; whether the initiatives are country or location specific; and if there is a particular issue or theme emerging from the regional projects.

These papers were then analysed by our trustees to develop a discussion document looking at the individual regional findings and drawing them up to an international level. This paper is from the view of policy, community and academia and  formed the opening point of discussion for the seminar. The fellows also attended the seminar giving further information on their findings.

As usual, a variety of people were invited to attend the seminar to add to the depth of knowledge on the topic and to help with discussions.  A former David Moore Awardee, Jessica Frank, was also invited to the seminar and acted as seminar raporteur.

The individual reports can be downloaded by clicking the links below: