Audrey Roy

Audrey has been the Area Manager for Natural England, South Mercia team covering Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, since July 2014.  Prior to this she worked within Defra as part of the Rural Communities Policy Unit, rural proofing across Government, contributing to the Lord Cameron Rural Proofing Report. She originally  worked with the Arkleton Trust attending a  seminar in Scotland.

Chris Madine

Chris Madine, Trustee of the Arkleton TrustChris has been an Arkleton Trustee since 2010. He was first involved with the Trust in 2007 as a John Higgs Awardee. Since then he has undertaken research for the Trust following the Chuckchee - Barefoot project. He is currently employed  by Newcastle University  as the OPAL Community Scientist.

Caroline Higgs

Caroline Higgs, Chairman of the Arkleton TrustCaroline Higgs has been involved with The Arkleton Trust since 1988, becoming a Trustee in 1990, Secretary in 1994 and Chairman in 2004 following her mother’s retirement.

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